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What do you want to do (better) online?

  • use email to stay in touch with friends and family or tweet on twitter
  • surf the internet for news or entertainment - watch youtube or listen to internet radio,  research your family tree
  • video and text chat with your family, 
  • create and share pictures and video clips, 
  •  understand how to be safe and secure online - 
  • own and manage your own web site or blog
If you can use the internet, but would like to improve in some area, or if you have no knowledge whatever and would like to make a start - call me today for a FREE 30 minute consultation to discuss your needs and make a plan. 

Get individual tuition and training - and a follow-up helpdesk from a friendly local

links (for diy business)
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/webwise/2011/11/helping-older-people-online.shtml
  • http://www.silversurfersseventy.co.uk/2.html
  • http://www.silversurfersseventy.co.uk/3.html